Whisper and Brook Flower Co.






Hi! We are Whisper and Brook Flower Co.  and we want to welcome you into our lives.  Our flower shop is more than just a business to us; it’s our story.  

From a young age, Stephanie was completely captivated by the beauty of nature.  One of her earlier memories is picnicking beneath the cherry blossoms of Washington DC and wishing she could live there forever.  This would one day grow into a desire to go back to school, to learn about flowers and design. Miles away in Vermont, Jesse grew up in an open field where his mother grew all of their own produce and wildflowers.  Over the years, he developed quite the impressive green thumb.

We met in college, forming a friendship that would continue to grow. As we began to fall in love, the dream of Whisper and Brook started to grow within our hearts. Stephanie was working under world renowned floral designers, learning a blend of beautiful design and effective business.  Jesse was living in Ireland building relationships with the people of Kilkenny, developing his passion for people. Amidst the European beauty and wide country hills, our relationship began. When Jesse moved back to the States, he proposed- shortly before we signed the papers that made Whisper and Brook a reality.  As we were planning our own wedding, we were designing countless others, and as we were moving into our first apartment, we were moving into our shop.

This flower company is a dream of ours that has grown and evolved with our relationship; it is an extension of our love. Every bouquet we make reflects the scenes and landscapes that we grew up enjoying and every arrangement  expresses the love we have experienced. It’s always been our desire to create a space for people to feel welcomed, at rest and inspired by beauty. As a gift of grace, Whisper and Brook Flower Co. came to be.

We can’t wait to meet you, flower friend.  

Love,   Jesse and Stephanie Williams


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