Whisper and Brook Flower Co.


A reflection of the seasons of the soul told through a year of flower

For in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

Have you ever had an idea simply just bing into your brain-space? It feels like freedom and excitement and a bought of nausea only because it’s going to take something real and vulnerable in you to carry out? When this idea came to be, it felt just like that. Have you ever experienced that before? An idea you just immediately fall in love with that you must follow it through.  No matter what it takes.

My first questions were “where did the idea come from? My own brain?  God? A beautiful combination of the two?” I would like to believe it’s the latter.  A co-creating with the Creator with Creation. (How many times can ya use the word create in a sentence?!)  

So as the idea popped into my mind and started to change and develop, I found myself staying up at night thinking about it.  Colors. Emotions. Flowers (my medium of choice). After weeks of mulling it over this is what it became to be.

 A reflection of the seasons of the soul told through a year of flower art. A year long project showcasing the seasons with flowers all the while personifying the spoken and unspoken groans of the human soul in our search for full life and deep never-changing love.

 Throughout the next 12 months, I will be creating a flower arrangement the shows off the beauty of each month.  The beautiful Olivia Kunz will be photographing each in a Dutch still life form.  A woman each month will be modeling following the story line of what I believe is the journey of one’s self has in relation to God.  Fear and doubt moving to love and acceptance and struggling with receiving such truths that we all so deeply long to know.

Follow along as we start off in January.   


I hope that this project brings you life and hope amidst whatever season of the soul you are in.  

Stephanie Nadler