Whisper and Brook Flower Co.




As we walked he showed me many things but the first thing I noticed was his love. It shot up from the ground like the tulips.  Full of color with excitement to show off to the world. 

I fell in love that day with his arms.  I wanted to wrap myself in him.  He was safe and I never wanted him to let go.  Stay close forever and be my friend, He said. His eyes saw into mine and I knew he loved me.  I knew He saw all my wrong without even telling Him but He never treated accordingly. He only gave His love and it’s all He had to give.

My emotions ebbed and flowed but His never changed.  Unchanging.  I could breath there I was safe and didn’t want to let go.  I leaned in for Him to hold me. He pulled me in tight. 

The little daffodils lined their way to the tree as the moss moved up its trunk.  I found myself wanting to linger in its strength.  He gave himself to me. I knew He was all mine. Yet there was an endless sky in His eyes. My fear was not on my mind.  Only His love captured my heart. As I picked the flowers I received His love. I received His love like the way a little girl picks flowers…collecting for the now.  Always now. Always forever. 

Stephanie Nadler